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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Week 15: Speedy week

This week literally flew by. i feel like it was just pday 2 days ago! i guess that is a good thing :)
MONDAY: was a normal pday. we emailed  and visited Gloria and Mateus, then planned for tuesday. we didnt do anything fun or special. hopefully next pday is better.
TUESDAY:We had lunch with Genilds today. It was really good as usual. After we picked up Ananda and Daniel to work with us today. We stopped at Cristina´s but she wasnt home, but that one old guy who is always sitting outside in front of his place was there so we talked to him. His name is Ternolino. We tryed to teach him the Restoration but it didnt go so well. He would always interrupt us and wouldnt stop talking. He still believes that Christ didnt die on the cross. he also said lots of other funny things such as ´´God wrote the scriptures and only the poor people are saved in heaven. He was funny but pretty annoying because he wouldnt let us teach. he just wanted to argue. We eventually gave up and my companion said, ´´maybe some day some other elders will pass by and finish this lesson´´ After that we did street contacting and made some new investigators.
WEDNESDAY: We had an amazing lunch today! it was a longer walk but 100 % worth it. The member wasnt even there, we ate with her brother who is from Salvador. We took lots of pictures inside and outside the house because it was a super nice place! i was shocked and wanted really badly to jump in their pool. haha
THURSDAY: We worked with Emillie and Samuel. Samuel had some friends over when we picked him up so they tagged along with us. There was 6 of us total, and we split up´and made lots of contacts. it was lots of fun and a lot more enjoyable with all of us. After we dropped everyone off we went to the church to teach Carlos.
FRIDAY: Elder J. Sousa recieved an unexpected phonecall that changed our plans for the day. he had to go to a different part of the city for some baptismal interviews and i stayed back and worked with Samuel and Gabriel (two youth from our ward). it was lots of fun. we walked to a bumch of people´s houses to try and find them and set up dates to return and teach but no one was in their homes. At 7:00 my companion returned and we taught Carlos again at the church. he is very close to baptism and has a date for the 8th of next month to be baptized.
SATURDAY: It turned out to be a pretty unproductive day. no body was home and no one was answering our calls. We taught Cristina the Book of Mormon and invited her to church. her response was ´´i will see if i can make it´´ she realy sounded like she would come.
SUNDAY: We have 5 investigators in church! and one of them was Cristina!! that was surprising because the last 2 times we had invited her she said that she would come with certainty but never came. and this week when we invited her yesterday she sounded like she wouldnt come, but she came! and she liked it a lot. she said she loved that she was recieved so warmly and lots of people talked to her. we met with her after church in the evening. She told us she got an answer to her prayers and she was feeling really good. She told us for the first time in a long time she didnt take all her various medicines because she was feeling so good, and she didnt feel as depressed, etc. We taught the word of wisdom and i took her coffee and tobacco and threw it away after we left. She committed to being baptized the 8th of October, the same day as Carlos. We are going to have 2 baptisms in one week!!! Woohoo! miracles happened this week. Also today at church i met an awesome couple who are traveling the world together. they showed me a map on their cellphone of the world and it had points of everywhere they have been. i was blown away with how many countries they have been to. they have their own youtube channel that you can check out. its,  youtube.com/jonandeva   Jonathan Mahdney and Eva Mahdney. Jonathan is from Canada and did a study abroad type thing through BYU and studyed in Moscow Russia where he met his wife on a train. 
we saw them walk out of the house below ours and we were suprised and thought possibly they were americans.  that was a few days ago. but then yesterday they were at church so i talked to them and then since they were leaving the next morning i talked to them for about an hour that night. they are really cool! He served his mission in the Ukraine

For a spiritual thought, i would like to share a quote from Robert D. Hales. 
´´The fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings great comfort in stressful times of mortality. It brings light where there is darkness and a calming influence where there is turmoil. It gives eternal hope when there is mortal despair. It is more than just beautiful doctrine. It is a reality in our lives that if we can be obedient and obtain the eternal rewards that God grants us, if we will draw nigh unto Him and embrace the eternal doctrine, we will be blessed.´´ and Thomas S. Monson once said, ´´ There is no fog so dense, no night so dark, no gale so strong, no mariner so lost but what the lighthouse of the Lord can rescue. It beckons through the storms of life.´´ 
    And we should always remember to find joy in the journey. We should remember that even with such a solemn mission given to him, the Savior found delight in living; he enjoyed people and told his disciples to ´´be of good cheer´´, He said that we should be as thrilled with the Gospel as one who had found a shiny pearl of great price, right on their own doorstep. I know this gospel is true and it really blesses families.

Have a great week everyone! :)

An awesome lunch!!!!!!!!!!!!  This house was sooooo nice!

Coconut yummm!!!

the bugs here at night love my american blood. You should see my arms, and other leg! 

My companion went to a different part of the city for a baptismal interview. I worked all day with some awesome youth!

We walked past a beautiful beach... there is a "resort" with tennis courts!!!!  I was freaking out hahaha

Friday, September 23, 2016


MONDAY- it was a pretty relaxed p-day. we had lunch with one of our investigators, Dilson. It is really rare to have lunch with an investigator, so that was special and fun. Afterwards we went to the LAN house and emailed for a while, then planned for the week.
TUESDAY- We went to Yasmin´s house and made a big list of all the people she knew that we could share our message with.  we got 25 references from her and then she joined us to visit a few people. Afterwards we did street contacting and made 4 new investigators. One woman i contacted ended up already being a member, but she has been inactive for a long time. she was baptized with 14 years and now she is 28.  Her name was Anna and she accepted our invitation to attend church if she could convince her husband to. her husband doesn't believe in god , but she will try. She was so smiley and laughing and it was a good visit. After we visited with Rodolfo and talked about setting a date to get baptized the coming Saturday.
WEDNESDAY- Today Emilly and Daniel accompanied us for a part of the day. We taught Cristina the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it went well having Emilly and Daniel (two youth) with us. Its ALWAYS better teaching with members present. later that night we visited with Rodolfo.
THURSDAY- We went to the Centro to get our money from an ATM and while we were there we visited this HUMUNGUS catholic cathedral and took some fun pictures around the area. then we returned and had an awesome lunch with Joaquim. Then we went to the church to clean and prepare for a big mission meeting the next day with a bunch of other zones from other cities, and president bangerter, and a member of the 70. At night. Elder High and Elder Brown and their companions stayed at our house. So there were 6 missionaries in our tiny house. Since E. High and E. Brown are Americans we ended up talking for a really long time. We sat out on the balcony and talked about everything from what phones we had before the mission and crazy/awkward experiences /stories we have had so far. I got to know them pretty well and they are hilarious. E. High is from Dallas, texas and went to LDS business college for a year before his mission. Elder brown is from Farmington, Utah. he had a girlfriend and worked at a cemetery before his mission. His literally dug graves for a job! hahaha but he is really cool and funny. Us 3 talked for hours, and every minute was worth it speaking English! i loved it!
FRIDAY- more elders showed up in the morning and used our house to get ready for the day and for the meeting of zones. we went out to a buffet place for lunch and that was awesome. At the meeting, there were tons of missionaries from other zones in other cities, President Bangerter, and a member of the 70. I saw some old friends and made lots of new ones. Without notice, i was asked to play the hymns on the piano for the meeting.  i was a little nervous because one of the hymns i had never played before and i was playing in front of a bunch of important people. I turned out playing the hymns very well, considering i had no practice before hand and had to sight-read a bit. the whole meeting was very spiritual and uplifting. Sis. Bangerter spoke first, then Siter Dia, then President Bangerter, then we had a break with food, etc. then Elder Dia (from the 70) spoke. he was great. it was a little harder to understand him for me since he is a Brazilian and didn't have the american accent that made it easy to understand pres. bangerter, but i understood a lot and learned a lot. One thing that i liked was his analogy of the Air-France 447 that crashed into the ocean flying from Rio to Paris.  he compared that to our lives as missionaries and our faith. it was a great discussion! that night we visited Rodolfo and he had his baptismal interview and he passed and we established that i would baptize him. I was sooo excited!
SATURDAY- Practically all day we prepared for the baptism of Rodolfo. i was soo pumped to have my first baptism. i studied and memorized the baptism prayer, etc. I tidied up the bathrooms, scrubbed down the baptismal font, and swept floors. Then we filled the font and went to buy a cake. When we returned a group of guys, Rodolfo, and Elder J. sousa started talking and i stood by and listened.. they were discussing who was going to baptize Rodolfo! They kept looking over at me and said how i had already brought all my stuff, and prepared, etc They discussed it more and convinced Rodolfo to have someone else baptize him. I was a little frustrated because we had established that i was going to baptize him. And  that he was now going to baptize him didn't have any baptismal clothes and it was 6:45 and the baptism was at 7:00. And so what does he do. he asks if he can use my clothing.  I was a little frustrated because this guy practically, ´´stole´´ my baptism, but i gave him my clothes that i brought, because i remembered this isnt for me. He ended up having to baptize Rodolfo twice because he said the prayer wrong, but Rodolfo was baptized and was happy!  After the baptism everyone went upstairs and we played a fun game where we answered trivia questions and if you are wrong your opponent gets to rub a pie in your face! then we had  sandwiches, food, and soda after. it was a fun little party/celebration.
SUNDAY- Today in church Rodolfo was confirmed a member of the church and received the Gift of the Holy Ghost.. I was in the Priesthood circle so that was special. We had family night at Joaquim´s house at 7:00 and that was a good time.

Sorry for no pictures. i sent 2 weeks worth on Sunday, but none went through. (its just a suspense factor! haha) hopefully they get sent!. thanks for all your support and prayers everyone! i love you!!

- Elder Hilton

Our apartment


My side is the clean side :) pretty brown sheets

Lots of hills to walk

Their cemetaries

If you look you can see my shadow right in the middle of the splash!

I love the Ocean!!!!

Pretty boats

I just love God's creations!

We are so blessed

Mckay didn't say what this brown dish was...But I think I see rib cages??? Zoom in and take a look!

Zone conference

I got a package from home!!!!!

here i feel like cinderella. the broom and i are best friends! haha. im the only one who cleans and even sometimes birds even fly into our house and hang out.   and i also inherited Harry Potter flying magic broomstick ´´NINBUS 200´´ or whatever hahaha.


banner in the background is for fathers day here. dias do pais!!

HUMUNGUS catholic cathedral

eating and drinking fresh coconut!

the ties Gloria made for us!!!