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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Week 27: Feliz Natal

Monday: For pday we went to Dique de Tororó. We met the elder and sisters at Habib´s (practically a really fancy McDonalds). and i bought a yummy milkshake.

Then everyone left for a meeting except elder bastos and i. we stayed and saw all the cool x-mas lights around the Dique de Tororó area. i also got to try out that Slack-Line sport thing. i didn't do super well haha. The stadium where the soccer team of Bahia was closed so we didn't get to go in like we wanted to. 

   Tuesday: We had a service project at Neia´s house. We basically hammer and chiseled down a wall in her kitchen and did some plumbing. Then we had lunch at Monica and Antony Neves´ house and that one funny high-energy recent convert was there and ate with us. Then we returned home, cleaned up, grabbed our backpacks and headed to the mission office. We loaded up our backpacks full of B.of Ms, pamplets,  cards, Liahona magazines, etc. I received a package/envelope from my mom with some good talks from various Ensign magazines! We walked all the way home with heavy backpacks. I counted that as my exercise for the day. That evening we had a hard time finding people to teach.

   Wednesday- We had a little breakfast before district meeting celebrate and say good-bye to Elder Sangerman. He is going home early because his VISA didnt get renewed in time. Today we taught Asteria the 3rd lesson about the gospel of Jesus Christ. She is 89 almost 90 years old and has been regularly attending our church for 4 months. i didn't know she wasn't a member so we stopped by today to try to converse with her and see how we can help her. we invited her to be baptized, but she was really hesitant and only said how much she loves the catholic church. she doesn't remember anything about the catholic church and not even her baptism in it. we explained all about the principle of authority, but i don't think she understood very well. she told us to give her time to think about it, so we will give her some time, but we are still going to pass by and share messages with her.
Thursday: This morning Elder and Sister Briggs cam and ´´inspected´´ our house, just to see if it was functional and had all the necessities. They have only been in Brazil for 2 weeks! before they were living in Sandpoint Idaho! This morning we found out our water ran out. the company cut our line and so it was complicated.
Friday: Today we went to Lapa, Avenida 7 to find a hospital/eye specialist for Elder Bastos. We finally found one that accepted our mission health card after lots of searching and we marked an appointment for monday.

After lunch with Thais, we taught her older sister (veronica) and her friend (Denise) . We taught them the Restoration and watched the short 20 minute video about Joseph Smith. They were really interested and asked lots of questions. We invited them to the stake Christmas activity at 7:00pm as well as the baptism of the other elders at 6:00pm. they came and it was really good! I was one of the witnesses for the baptism and i gave the closing prayer. President Bangerter was there and shared some words. The activity was super fun. President, his wife and their son was there. Us 4 elders did that funny skit again except this time i was in the front and got really messy! Try having minty whitening toothpaste and shaving cream rubbed all over your face and in your eyes. my eyes and face were on FIRE!! I got it all recorded haha. I was a blast!

  Saturday: We left the house early to hopefully find and teach people who were only available in the mornings. It was raining, but we still went out and worked. Here´s the bad news: we didn't find or teach anyone! WE spend 2 hours until lunch searching for addresses we have on Rua(Road) Ferreira Santos, but didn't find anyone. It was a little exhausting. We went to a little restaurant for lunch with a member and ate feijoada, rice, feijão, and juice. Practically the rest of the day we stopped at all of our investigators houses and ALL OF THEM were either busy or gone until after new years. We stopped at at least 30 people´s houses and taught 0 lessons :(

Sunday: So i found out that i will give my talk next week. the same talk  that i was supposed to give my first week here in Salvador. After our normal church meetings we met with President Borges and reviewed our goals for our branch. at 5:00 pm was the x-mas choral presentation. on the way there there were two women that we walked past and one said Você parece de um modelo! (you look like a model). At first i didnt understand what she said so i just said obrigado (thank you) then i understood afterwards and laughed because she was at least 40 yrs old. The presentation was really good! Steven (president´s son) sang in the choir and dressed as joseph. it was funny. I couldnt eat any of the food, desserts, or drinks, because elder bastos and i were doing a fast.
Monday: we did our normal missionary work today because we switched our p-day to tuesday so we can go to the zoo and a museum that are closed on mondays.

I would like to share my testimony, My testimony on many things, as I´ve hit my 6 month mark,  Christmas is arriving, and this year is coming to a close. It says in Proverbs 7:19, ´´For the good man is not at home, he is gone a long journey.´´ It says in Hebrews 13:1-2, ´´Let brotherly love continue…Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.´´ My mission was where I can frankly say I´ve learned of the Savior. The Savior Jesus Christ is the only perfect man to have walked planet Earth. He is the Atoner of this miserable race of humans whom now have hope for a better life through His Eternal Atonement. It took one garden, two , and three hours of unimaginable pain to create that Atonement. It was Jesus of Nazareth, of Bethlehem, of Judah and Israel to overcome the world. It was not only His legend He left, but His eternal Gospel which by the pillars of the universe cannot be changed or thus we are not and wasted. It was the God of Israel that had the ultimate power, wealth and riches and the ultimate manifester of love. Love who like energy has no beginning nor any end. It just is and always will be. I am so grateful that our God whom we are under is a God of love. The Eternal Father was such a God of love that He gave the only heir to His throne down into the woods and wolves den to be beaten, mocked, spit upon, and rejected by the very children He trusted before their mortal life. The Eternal Father who had the mightiest patience, temperance, and tolerance. Moreover, the mercy for us to send such a man as that of Jesus Christ. To give him freely the keys to create and fulfill all wonders, both imaginable and unimaginable according to the human standards of comprehension. I know They live. Their mission is a mission of love. They are the Gods of mercy and love and long for our return. They didn’t send us alone. I´m eternally grateful for the essential role and friendship of the Holy Ghost. He exists and is the One who can be the closest. He is the messenger on His diligent course. He is the bearer of the truthfulness of the Savior´s gospel which is the Father´s. The Holy Ghost is the one who tells you if this gospel is true. Only Him. Not your fellow man nor can your own mind tell you if it´s true. The truthfulness of anything is given only through the Comforter. But I can still say that I know this Gospel is true. That all the principles and teachings found in His Gospel and His church is true.  I testify that the Book of Mormon is true. Ask yourself what is truth and you will find it in that book. This book was written and carried through men of God: prophets and martyrs, as all things are asked of good men through sacrifice. And it is only through God are these heroes called. Let no man deceive you. Be comforted in the fact that when you hold the Book of Mormon in your hands, you are holding another bit of sacred information that was promised from the beginning. God does not abandon His people. We´re far too valuable and far too precious to Him…So don´t you abandon Him. I´m so grateful, especially during this Christmas season, for the knowledge I have of Christ´s life and the example He left for us. I want nothing more than to continue learning about Him, teachings others about Him, and as a result receive the blessings He promises. I know that He lives and he is the light of this world and through Him we can return to live with our Heavenly Father. Christ is the true gift and its the greatest gift we can receive this Christmas holiday.

Have a great Christmas everyone!...and a happy new year!

With Love,

Elder Hilton

Elder Bastos and I

 we went to a different part of the city to find a eye doctor for elder bastos. these are the only places i felt comfortable taking photos, we walked through lots of other places but they were crammed with lots of people. we passed through a big shopping mall, lots of roads with tons of street vendors, etc. lots of crazy stuff. i saw a guy with no hands or feet. and i saw another guy with a super rare disease/disorder and i dont even know how to describe how he looked. it wasnt good. in these places i didnt take photos


Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 26: A Great Week!!!

 I love working with Elder Bastos. we are really getting along and i really feel better about my work and teaching since I've been here in Salvador.

I apologize for not getting out a weekly email these last couple weeks. i want to write up EVERYTHING! but since we have been more obedient with the rule of how long we can be in the LAN house i don't have much time to write one. today i will try to write as much as i can in the time i have but it wont give justice to how awesome my week really was.

last Monday i had an awesome p-day. i thought the Farol da Barra was my favorite but i was proved wrong when we passed by the Elevator place and the Pelourinho (colorful houses road).  I met some really cool cultural people as well as a sister from Boise, Idaho who knows some of my friends from before the mission. 

Tuesday we did a lot more walking than teaching. But what we did teach was great. We taught Jeisianne and Jessy (my 2 snakes) the Restoration and they surprisingly received it very well. we also taught Patrine the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she accepted to be baptized when she receives an answer, but she hasn't been to our church and works on Sundays as well so we still have some work to do with her. The rest of the day was spent looking for people that we had contacted during our last exhibition. Everyone was either bust or not home. (or in the road drinking/smoking)

Wednesday: District Meeting!! I liked the scriptures 1 peter 3:15 and 1 peter 2:9. we taught Brenda the restoration and she was really interested!

Thursday: June, july, August, September October, November.....December 8th 6 MONTHS!! Today is my 6 month mark! Time passes by fast! Now i only have to serve the length of a sister missionary. Today was weekly planning! lots of stuff to write do. lots of good stuff :) Later there was an activity we were invited to and us 4 missionaries performed a hilarious comedy act!

Friday: normal missionary work, lots of teaching

Saturday: exhibition in the sister´s area. lots of contacts! i talked with  lots of people!

Sunday was stake conference. it was a broadcast to 38 different stakes in brazil! it was amazing and Elder Jeffery R. Holland even spoke a little Portuguese! it was absolutely awesome! yesterday we walked past a house in the favela and there were some people fighting inside then a couple seconds later when we were about 30 feet away from that house a gunshot fired and we ran the heck out of the surrounding area in that favela! it was intense! 

i want to bear my quick testimony of the Restoration.  i know that Joseph smith was a prophet of god and and instrument to restore the true church of Jesus Christ. i love teaching the first vision to people and seeing their various reactions and thought. all of it just strengthens my testimony and brings me gratitude for the knowledge of this message that i have in my life.

Have a great week everyone! i promise i´ll send a good email the p-day before christmas! 

this is a hilarious story. this lady just randomly came up to me first and started doing random chiropractic moves on me and said that my posture is horrible and i need to drink more water, etc as she ´´massaged me. she did my companion next and then demanded R$10 afterwards. i refused to give her any money because she was dishonest in her work. she didnt say anything about a price, she just went at it. she kept demanding and started raising attention and then Elder Bastos was a little sucker and gave in and handed over R$10 to her. that was all he had so i had to pay his busride back home! hahaha

i found a sister from the other mission above ours. She is from Boise, Idaho and knows some of my friends that i had before the mission! it was way cool! its a small world! the other sister is from Kentucky

sight-seeing the Elevador Lacerda, and the Pelourinho and the surrounding area

A famous street where Michael Jackson performed

i met some real indian dudes and they were pretty cool. if you look close he has a wood stick through his nose and one sticking out of his chin

playing basketball at the church

while sightseeing we ran into my Mission President President Bangerter and his wife

Just a little planning and studying happening

A view from my apartment

Brazil is the best!