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Elder Mckay Manser Hilton
Brazil Salvador South Mission
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Horto Florestal
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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Week 41: California Dreamin'

California, Itabuna is going wonderful. It was a priveledge to be Elder Da Silva´s companion as well as his trainer. Now he is being transferred. I am grateful for elder Da Silva helping me get into a habit of exercising. On Friday I even tried out one of the breakfasts he eats which is 2 raw eggs and milk mixed in the Vitamix. the next morning i woke up with bad stomach pain, threw up, and other things i wont mention. that was a rough day, because i had to take medicine and was exhausted, but all is well now. I am anxious to get to know my new companion Elder G. Sousa. i know nothing about him, but soon i will. I am feeling well about where we left off( me and elder da silva). We have several ´´golden´´ investigators who i am confident will be baptized this next transfer.
    This week we just worked, worked, and worked more. We literally persevered until the end (of the transfer). we were able to teach a lot and had many special and awesome experiences. It was an awesome way to end the transfer. We set up this next transfer that im heading into to be one full of success.

 I know that a mission is an opportunity to serve God. I know that where we were called to serve is where we should be. I am grateful for the opportunity that i have to serve in this specific mission. I have been learning a lot about life. Not only my life, but the Savior´s life as well. And through this understanding, i have come to know my Heavenly Father in a new way. I know that He loves us and want to bless us. Im grateful for the commandments that help us and protect us. I believe the commandments are blessings, NOT restrictions. It is up to us to see them how we want. I know that the Sabbath Day is a huge blessing in our lives when we keep it holy. We are promised the plenitude of the Earth; material things as well as spiritual things when we keep the Sabbath day holy. I am grateful for all the teaching moments i have to be able to share the simple, yet powerful truths that are in my heart. There is no happier news that someone can hear than that of Jesus Christ. We can feel assurred and comforted in knowing that Jesus Christ truly established one true church anciently. Sadly it was destroyed off the face of the Earth by people who rejected and killed Christ and His Apostles. The good news is what comes next; that God loves his children so much that He called another prophet in 1820 to restore Christ´s unique and true church. I am grateful for the privelege we have to know about this church. I know without doubt that it is true.

Have a great week, love Elder Hilton

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Week 39 & 40 It's a Miracle

First off Mckay was really frustrated because he had typed up his big email with tons of details of all his ups and downs.  He was so excited to share them!  BUT......his computer timed out and it didn't save his email.  So he frantically typed up the following email.  If you know Mckay, he really loves to share lots of details of his experiences so he was pretty bummed.  Here is the email:

  My area is wonderful. I am loving the teaching and the work. This transfer, I only have been disappointed with a few things concerning our ward and the support of the members including the bishop. But this sunday a new bishopric was called so hopefully good changes will take place.
       I am really enjoying the work with Elder Da Silva. He is very diligent and willing to work hard. He is very disciplined which makes him a great companion and example. I know I'm his trainer, but to be honest I have been learning a lot from him. We teach each other. I feel like that's the way it should be; each one an example for the other. We both are feeling motivated and pushing to meet our goals. This has been the most peaceful and  smooth transfer concerning the work and my companion. We work hard, and diligently. we get a long perfectly. no fights, nothing. few disagreements, we both know how to teach and are leaving commitments/assignments for our investigators to do, marking next visits.
       I know that miracles happen in our lives if we look for them.  after Idenia´s interview she came out with tears in her red eyes and told us that she wants to be baptized with her son. Prior to her interview she wanted to wait, because she didn't feel prepared. We had already taught, everything and more, but she wanted to wait. Elder J. Silver (who interviewed her) said that in the interview they both knew it was right. A miracle had happened. God sent the Holy Ghost to testify and comfort Idenia.  Even more miracles happened. Believe it or not, on the way home from church after their confirmations, while walking past the buzzing marketplace, Anderson found R$150 on the ground!  What a special gift. hahaha.
       I'm really grateful that Idenia completed her interview on my birthday. It made me super happy to see her showing her faith. I never want to forget what happened that day. This week I gained a lot of insight and a bigger vision of how my life can be if I do my  mission the right way. It's all about obedience, diligence, and lots of hard work. You have to push yourself everyday to be a better servant of the Lord, and sacrifice a lot to accomplish your goals. It´s not always easy for me either. Every day is a battle; a battle that's not easy to win, but  one that can only turn out victorious when the Holy Ghost is at your side. These are just a few of the things I learned and felt this week. I can't explain it all due to lack of time. But what i felt most strong this week was the love that God personally has for me. That he sent his Son. That Jesus suffered for me and died and resurrected for me. And that I´ve been given the opportunity to learn, grow, and serve; each day finding out who i really am.
     Thursday night, I couldn´t sleep because my mind was thinking about so many things. i was feeling happy, sad, stressed, and motivated. all the feeling were swelling inside of me and were overwhelming me so much I couldn't handle it alone any more. I decided to go pray and talk to my Heavenly Father. I expressed everything that i was feeling and i felt comforted afterwards. Then seemingly out of nowhere some words were put into my head. They go like this.

´´My mission isn´t where i´m at
or what people see, but rather
what I do and what changes
inside of me´´

i wasn't even thinking of anything directly related to those words, but i knew they were inspired. I quickly wrote them down on the nearest paper. This week has been miraculous. I hope we can all look for the miracles that happen in our daily lives.  I know that God is happy when we pray to him and in return he blessed us. have a great week everyone and happy birthday to my little bro Zachary!

with love,

-Elder Hilton

Evellyn and I.

visiting Ilheues

Ilheus is only a little less than a hour bus ride from itabuna, so our zone met up with the other zone and had p-day together. we did a little sightseeing as well as pingpong in the church

visiting my friends in Ilhues.  Grandpa this picture is for you!

my birthday lunch! 

it dumped rain twice thursday (my bday). we got drenched.

 Elder Da Silva in his hammock

a present that i recieved from Anderson. Anderson and his mom were baptized this saturday. 

baptism of Idenia and her son Anderson

Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 38: Flying By!

 well, its flying by! i just wrapped up my 3rd week here in Itabuna. This week we have been working to prepare a few people for their baptisms. We are preparing 7 people to be baptized! Anderson (15 yrs old) accepted to be baptized on the 11th. You have to attend church a minimum of 2 times before you can be baptized.  this sunday was anderson´s 3rd. His mom (Idenia 40 yrs old) went to church for her first time so she cant be baptized until the 18 of march. So her goal is the 18th. Her son as well has only been to church once so he can be baptized on the 18th. Fernando (11 yrs old) will be baptized on the 11th too! he is great! and we have a few others for the 18th. This week i interviewed and baptized a man of 38 years. His name is Paulo. He really changed his life. he is a good man.

I love preparing péople to be baptized and seeing them change their lives! its the best work to be involved in! As i think about my work as a missionary i feel really grateful for this unique opportunity i have. its not everyday that you get to study the scriptures in depth and see miracles happen in the lives of others as well as your own. i was studying in Helaman and i came across this scripture that i liked a lot that boosted me up.

4 Blessed art thou, Nephi (Elder___), for those things which thou hast done; for I have beheld how thou hast with unwearyingness declared the word, which I have given unto thee, unto this people. And thou hast not feared them, and hast not sought thine own life, but hast sought my will, and to keep my commandments.

 5 And now, because thou hast done this with such unwearyingness, behold, I will bless thee forever; and I will make thee mighty in word and in deed, in faith and in works; yea, even that all things shall be done unto thee according to thy word, for thou shalt not ask that which is contrary to my will.

This scripture really can help motivate anyone to keep God´s commandments. God always promises that if we keep his commandments we will be greatly blessed. I am grateful for that promise. I know that the commandments of God are blessings. we shouldn't see them as restrictions because in reality they are blessings and protection. I know that God loves us and gives us commandments because he loves us. i know that difficulties are a test of our faith and obedience to God´s commandments.
-Elder Hilton