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Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 26: A Great Week!!!

 I love working with Elder Bastos. we are really getting along and i really feel better about my work and teaching since I've been here in Salvador.

I apologize for not getting out a weekly email these last couple weeks. i want to write up EVERYTHING! but since we have been more obedient with the rule of how long we can be in the LAN house i don't have much time to write one. today i will try to write as much as i can in the time i have but it wont give justice to how awesome my week really was.

last Monday i had an awesome p-day. i thought the Farol da Barra was my favorite but i was proved wrong when we passed by the Elevator place and the Pelourinho (colorful houses road).  I met some really cool cultural people as well as a sister from Boise, Idaho who knows some of my friends from before the mission. 

Tuesday we did a lot more walking than teaching. But what we did teach was great. We taught Jeisianne and Jessy (my 2 snakes) the Restoration and they surprisingly received it very well. we also taught Patrine the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she accepted to be baptized when she receives an answer, but she hasn't been to our church and works on Sundays as well so we still have some work to do with her. The rest of the day was spent looking for people that we had contacted during our last exhibition. Everyone was either bust or not home. (or in the road drinking/smoking)

Wednesday: District Meeting!! I liked the scriptures 1 peter 3:15 and 1 peter 2:9. we taught Brenda the restoration and she was really interested!

Thursday: June, july, August, September October, November.....December 8th 6 MONTHS!! Today is my 6 month mark! Time passes by fast! Now i only have to serve the length of a sister missionary. Today was weekly planning! lots of stuff to write do. lots of good stuff :) Later there was an activity we were invited to and us 4 missionaries performed a hilarious comedy act!

Friday: normal missionary work, lots of teaching

Saturday: exhibition in the sister´s area. lots of contacts! i talked with  lots of people!

Sunday was stake conference. it was a broadcast to 38 different stakes in brazil! it was amazing and Elder Jeffery R. Holland even spoke a little Portuguese! it was absolutely awesome! yesterday we walked past a house in the favela and there were some people fighting inside then a couple seconds later when we were about 30 feet away from that house a gunshot fired and we ran the heck out of the surrounding area in that favela! it was intense! 

i want to bear my quick testimony of the Restoration.  i know that Joseph smith was a prophet of god and and instrument to restore the true church of Jesus Christ. i love teaching the first vision to people and seeing their various reactions and thought. all of it just strengthens my testimony and brings me gratitude for the knowledge of this message that i have in my life.

Have a great week everyone! i promise i´ll send a good email the p-day before christmas! 

this is a hilarious story. this lady just randomly came up to me first and started doing random chiropractic moves on me and said that my posture is horrible and i need to drink more water, etc as she ´´massaged me. she did my companion next and then demanded R$10 afterwards. i refused to give her any money because she was dishonest in her work. she didnt say anything about a price, she just went at it. she kept demanding and started raising attention and then Elder Bastos was a little sucker and gave in and handed over R$10 to her. that was all he had so i had to pay his busride back home! hahaha

i found a sister from the other mission above ours. She is from Boise, Idaho and knows some of my friends that i had before the mission! it was way cool! its a small world! the other sister is from Kentucky

sight-seeing the Elevador Lacerda, and the Pelourinho and the surrounding area

A famous street where Michael Jackson performed

i met some real indian dudes and they were pretty cool. if you look close he has a wood stick through his nose and one sticking out of his chin

playing basketball at the church

while sightseeing we ran into my Mission President President Bangerter and his wife

Just a little planning and studying happening

A view from my apartment

Brazil is the best!

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