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Elder Mckay Manser Hilton
Brazil Salvador South Mission
Av. Lucaia, 295, Sala 202/203
Ed. Empresarial Lucaia
Horto Florestal
40295-130 Salvador- BA

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Elder Mckay Manser Hilton
Brazil Salvador South Mission
Av. Lucaia, 295, Sala 202/203
Ed. Empresarial Lucaia, Horto Florestal
Horto Florestal
40295-130 Salvador- BA

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Week 7

Yesterday (Saturday) we had a service project that lasted all day. We took down shingles off a house and cleaned them and put them back on. it was dirty and really really dusty, but we got it done. After we returned home and showered we walked all the way to ´´Atacadoa´´ (a supermarket) and bought groceries. we took a taxi back home so we didnt have to carry everything home. 

On sunday we walked all the way to Nattalya´s house to walk with them to church (to get them to go to church) and after we got there and waited and waited for them to finish getting ready they didnt want to walk. We walked all the way back to the church (30 min. walk) and they ended up taking an onibus. they were still late but at least they showed up. And patricia showed up too! that was exciting . Patricia is a women that we re-activated. She also brought her 2 kids. Im glad that the people we help and teach came to church today. Also i played the piano for sacrament meeting and priesthood meeting which was pretty fun.
 Love, Mckay

The following was taken from Mckay's emails he and I were sending back and forth.  I had asked him a bunch of questions and here were his answers: 

the meat doesnt really taste a whole lot different but it is really good! maybe it is better idk. i havent had a meal that i havent like yet. maybe thats because it consists of rice and some kind of pasta/spaghetti everytime, and potato salad, and beans and this corn flour stuff, and dessert! like every meal it is this! 

Yes there are a few pharmacies right here close to our apartment and there are more in the ´´centro´´. we are going to the centro today after we email. we have to take a bus there because it is pretty far to walk. and yes there is a waste bin for toilet paper. we dont put the toilet paper down the toilet. i learned that the hard way!

i havent had any watermelon juices yet, but ive had really good mango juice, goiaba juice, and other juices that members feed us. they are delicioius.

that is so cool that there is a braziliian elder in our ward. while i was in the CTM there was a brazilian going to serve in the Boise Idaho mission and he was really nice.

the mattresses are pretty good. they arent really that dirty, at least not mine. i sleep fine every night and only wake up when elder brito does these loud noices in his sleep. i dont even know what it is becuase it is way worse than snoring. haha yes weve taken public transportation. it isnt that bad. we use what is  called an ´´Onibus´´ here.

 I cant believe that haley is already coming home so fast. i really wish more than anything that i could be there for that with you guys at the airport. just thinking about it and typing this is making me tear up... i miss you guys

Walking to patrĂ­cia's house.  Its a pretty long walk.

This guy was wearing a usa shirt and he was really nice.  And they have really good bread.  We bought some donut-like things and banana stuffed bread thingie.  Its really cheap too đŸ˜€

this is the shirt elder mafi bought me in Sao Paulo. My whole district signed it. its a good souveniour and a way to remember my favorite district i´ll probably ever have.  

today we went to get our hair cut. elder brito got his cut at a random shop we found and there was a 75 year old man cutting. elder brito didnt like it so we went to a different guy and elder brito got another haircut to fix his other one and i got mine cut.

elder brito getting his hair fixed. this guy was way better. and its only like 10 reais ( like less than 5 dollars)
i thinks the dude did a good job. i was a little nervous because i had no idea how to tell him how i wanted my hair in portuguese so i tryed my best to explain and he just went for it and i think he did well. i will go to him everytime while im in this area.

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