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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Week 17: Algeria & Diarrhea

To start off i will translate the title of my email. Alegria is portuguese for joy/happiness. and i believe everyone knows what diarrhea is. This week a lot of things happened that brought me joy and a few other things happened that didnt bring joy, to my stomach.

General conference was great even though i listened to it in portuguese. afterwards i downloaded it in english to listen to at home. i learned a lot from conferece and i cant wait until i get this ensign to study the words of our prophet and apostles more.  This week we watched the movie´´Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration´´ with an investigator. It was really good and he said he really liked it, that he will download it himself and watch it again. I felt the Spirit testify to me that this is all true. that Joseph Smith was a prophet and he really translated the Book of Mormon throught the power of God. All that he went through testifies of the truth of this gospel. If any of you havent seen this movie, i encourage you to watch it. it is only 1 hour and 1 minute and worth it.

This week our lunch fell through on multiple days, leaving us to cook for ourselves. i made the mistake of buying a frozen pizza and eating that one day for lunch. the other days i just made spaghetti, french fries, apples and peanut butter. that was better, but i think the pizza made me sick.
Other than that my week was great. we have been having a hard time getting our investigators to progress

Cristina is still smoking her tobacco and we need to get permission from Carlos´s parents for him to be baptized. they think it is too early for him to be baptized. but we know he is ready.

I love this work and i know that the Savior loves every one and is there with open arms ready for them to accept Him. I know we all have the opportunity to repent and start new with what ever we need to. i love this gospel and love seeing it change people´s lives!

Have a great week everyone :)

-Elder Hilton

Let the ping pong battle begin!!!

Elder Sousa and I

Packages from home!!!

Good times

Pretty beaches

Go Brasil!


Make shift rain ponchos

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