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Horto Florestal
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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Week 52: Crazy News...TRANSFERS!

 During these 4 months in Califórnia, Itabuna, I feel like i have learned a lot. Since I arrived in this área, my companions and I have taught and accompanied several people in learning about the restored gospel and 10 of those people were baptized. It´s been a privilege to help every one of these wonderful people and to be a part of their baptisms . I am grateful to have witnessed the influence God´s love in their lives, as well as in my own. I have experienced lots of happiness, stress, success, failure, and most importantly JOY! Being in the mission and having being companions with Elder Thevenin this transfer, I am realizing more and more how precious knowledge is. Knowledge of the ´´mysteries´´of God being revealed through scripture study and prayer is more exciting and cool than anything i have experienced in the mission so far.

    On the 7th of June I hit my one year mark, I didn't do anything special or crazy, because we arrived home that night so exhausted that after i took a shower i slept right away. I woke up the next day and realized that i didn't do anything to celebrate my ´´1 year mark in the mission´´.
   The 10th of June was a special day for Lorena, Kaunne, and Carol.  I was disappointed when hardly anyone showed up for the baptisms after having invited so many people (members, investigators, etc.) Nonetheless, the baptisms went very well and were awesome.

    Elder Thevenin and I had a wonderful transfer together. We worked together well as companions. I have lots of respect for him. We were happy with the baptisms that were realized and sad for those that weren't realized. i have faith that those baptisms that fell through can still be realized another week in the future.
   Today (12th of June)  i received a phone call that informed us of transfers. The whole week i was thinking it would be cool to return to Salvador, but i was convinced the likelihood of that happening was pretty low.  I figured that the Lord knows the desires of our hearts, when my zone leader told me I´M RETURNING TO SALVADOR TO BE THE EXECUTIVE SECRETARY OF THE MISSION!!!!   I guess i got what i wanted and a little bit more. I was really shocked . I am going to be the companion of the current executive secretary to learn the responsibilities and maybe i will stay for a long time there as secretary. I will miss Elder Thevenin and it's a bummer to have to leave, but i'm excited to return to Salvador and begin learning my new responsibilities. I have a lot to learn and i am grateful for this opportunity.

- Elder Hilton

Lorena´s surprise birthday party and traveling to Kauane´s mom´s house to have her sign the papers.

 the church

I put up the poster that i put together!.... 

I worked hard on this poster!!!

last district meeting for sister snow. We have been in the same district for 5 transfers and now she is going home!

São João activity at the church

A special surprise for piggy-lovers....sorry Roz. i couldn't help myself.

hanging out with the awesome youth on sunday. there was a cool FaceBook Live event that was broadcasted live in all Brazil! 

Sunday night people left for the temple trip. The nearest temple is in Recife. 1,126 kilometers away, almost a 24 hour bus ride! I got to say goodbye to lots of people too. 

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