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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Week 20: Pictures from last week and this week!

Last Monday:
We cleaned the house, went to the centro with the sisters, looked at house supplies to buy, took pictures at ´´Praia Do Cristo´´(beach of Christ), and went to a mission farewell celebration of a young man in our ward.

Our lunch fell through but an inactive member who was at the mission farewell party yesterday told us she would happily cook us lunch. She lives in Pontal so it was a long walk. Her name is Dirse, she is 79 years old, and quit going to church 5 years ago. After we went to Cristina´s house to accompany her and see how she is doing. She wants to talk to the bishop to see if she can get baptized this Sat. and no have to wait until the following Sat. We also stopped at Gloria´s house(big diabetic inactive lady) the first time this transfer.

We had a district meeting in our church building here in Nelson Costa. The sisters joined us for a great lunch at Sandra and Bruno´s house. Then we went home quickly for Elder Andrade to change his clothes and take a shower because after district meeting he dived into the baptismal font to pull the plug. Afterwards I went on divisions with E. Loureiro while E. Andrade and E. Ohling went to do the baptismal interview of Carlos at his house.

We had a pretty weak planning session then had lunch that went way too long because E. Andrade likes to converse a lot. We went to Cristina´s house and she said she wants to be baptized the coming Saturday. We marked an interview for her tomorrow

We went on divisions. I was with Mateus and E. Andrade was with Samuel. I found Dilson home so i shared a message and extended challenges, invited him to Carlos´ baptism, to church for the confirmation, etc. After we went to the church and waited for E. Gomez da Silva with E. Ohling. E Ohling and I went to Cristina´s house and E. Ohling interviewed her. She didnt pass due to smoking problems(she had smoked that morning), but he set goals with her to be baptized next saturday. Today during my time spent with E. Ohling was very nice. He is an American and our Zone Leader. He´s also a great missionary and a good example. He really lifted my spirits and helped me a lot even though he didnt do much. He gave me some good advice and encouragement.

CARLOS´ BAPTISM!!! Before lunch we stopped at the church. E.Andrade cleaned the font while i got the room all set up and clean. Then we walked to LiLi´s house way out in N.S.V. After we returned to the church filled the font and waited for the sisters to arrive. they made a cake for the baptism! Carlos´s family came, which was awesome. i actually got to play a little ping pong with Carlos´s dad before the baptism because he arrived early. We showed Carlos´ family around the church and explained what goes on during our meetings, etc. Carlos (15 years old) was baptized by his 16 yr old friend.  After the baptism and cake we went to Cida´s house(inactive) then to Sis. Ione´s house, then to Cristina to follow up with her. She was doing terrible. Cristina said she hated the interview with Elder Ohling and doesnt want to keep investigating the church. She through a big pity-party and wanted to give up. E. Andrade shared some insightful things and tried to help her,but  she just wanted to take all her various medicines and go to bed. I found another gecko at the head of my bed today too. i shooed it out of the house. haha

Today as less productive than i would have liked it to be. Church was great. Jamile drove us to pick up investigators in N.S.V. we had 8 people in one small pickup truck. The first hour was a primary program that consisted of 14 children;they did a great job. After church jamile drove us, our investigators, and some youth to their bairro in N.S.V. there were 12 of us in the truck! Lunch was great. it was super yummy and well prepared: the best one i´ve had this transfer! We did two verifications and tried to teach an inactive family that lived on the same road as lunch. It didnt go very smoothly. Then we stopped at Carlos´ house for him to fill out some missing parts of his baptism forms. His mom gave us some fruit and Geladinhos. Then we walked to the church to watch Junior open his mission call. he got called to São Paulo East. Then we had family night at Joaquims house

Monday (P-day!!)
Today we went to the centro with the sisters and took more photos. we took photos in some really cool places with awesome views of the city.

I love this work even though its hard at times. Stay strong and stay firm. share your testimony with someone today!

-Elder Hilton

Last P-day...Praia do Cristo (Beach of Christ)

mission farewell party for Marlon

lunch at Sandra and Bruno´s house with the sisters

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