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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Week 24: City and slum all in one

Well i made it to Salvador, and it is really different here. its a huge change! there is lots more people drinking and smoking, etc! it seems like everyone is. this week there has been a lot of celebration. people dancing to loud music, and alcohol because of soccer play-offs.  it really is city and slum all in one! we mainly work in the favelas (the slums of the city, rather dangerous), but for p-days we get to leave our area and go see lots of really cool places in the city. this week i have been getting to know the members of my branch and the youth. i LOVE THE YOUTH here!! here is a quick summary of my week:

We made it to our new apartment in Salvador!!

Here are some of the awesome youth of our branch (congregation)
the youth are awesome!!! i love them! that one kid that i used his glasses is crazy! he talks a lot and really fast and laughs a lot. he was baptized 5 months ago and is really smart. 

I am loving my new area, the hills,stairs,hot climate, All of it. the only difficulty is our group of investigators. Elder Bastos said that Elder Santos practically left us empy-handed. we dont have very many invesigators so our work has been finding people from our area book and trying to enlarge our group and get more investigators to teach. Lots and lots and lots of walking!

I'm becoming one with the stairs here!

the branch pres. sent out a message to our branch about the things we need and a few family donated things for our house! it was really nice of them. things like a broom, rags to clean the floors and house, dustpan, forks, knives, spoons, cups, etc I am enjoying a more obedient companion. we are doing things the right way and it feels a lot better.

 my testimony is growing and being strenghthened by hard experiences and being humbled.
We are EXERCISING!! we wake up at 5:30 and go running in the morning! i love it! My emotional health at times suffers with homesickness, especially in this holiday season. some days have been rough and i am trying to combat it by loving my branch, and talking to lots of people. its going well and i am gratefull to be here!

i love this work, even though it isnt easy. ive learned to love everyone by looking at them as ´´children of God as well as my brothers and sisters. i know families are important to God and He has a plan for us.  this transfer i really want to find a family to  teach and help.  here it is hard to find a family that isn't separated/broken but my goal is to strengthen families like this and hopefully find a family that lives together. Até próximo semana!

With love

   -Elder Hilton

we are in the streets and favellas until we return home at night!

we live really close, like right under that big water thingy thats sticking up in the air

this place i call home.  (for now)

Our little kitchen

such a nice shower!!!  notice there is only one faucet, cold only!!!  haha I can barely lift my arms up in the shower it's so small!  

our apartment from the street view

another view of our apartment

My new companion! He's Great!!!

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