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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

week 23: Last week of this transfer

  This is the last week of my 4th transfer! I dont know if i´ll stay here in Ilheus one more transfer or not. this morning at 6:00 am. it dumped rain. really hard, it sounded like i was in a empty concert hall with a tin roof, raining marbles! it was incredible how much it rained! Today we went to the  centro to get our money at the bank then returned and had lunch at home because we didnt want to walk out to Roberto´s house for lunch. we werent sure if we even had lunch there or if he even knew it so we just ate at home. Then we walked to Alcantara´s house for Elder Andrade to pick up his pants that he had re-contructed before we stopped at Josenilton and Andreza´s place. When we arrived a friend of Andreza (Danielle) greeted us and let us in. We gave them all Book of Mormons, but didnt get to teach anything because josenilton and andreza had to leave to take Danielle home. But before they left, we had good discussions, introduced ourselves to Danielle, and invited everyone to church. Danielle is a 19 year old girl, daughter of an Assembleian pastor, and she was interested in what we had to say and wants to make a visit in our church. Let´s hope she comes. We also had a strange experiece with Beatriz. She was standing on the sidewalk with some of her friends and we stopped to talk for a minute. long story short we found out Beatriz is a snake when she told me to close my eyes so she can kiss me! of course i didnt, not even tempted one bit.
    Today we didnt have district meeting because elder Andrade marked with the sisters earlier last week to have the district meeting at the centro in their building but he forgot and we arrived in our building at 9:00 am and no one was there. So i got to play the piano until we left for lunch. We had lunch at Neid´s house and afterwards we have her a priesthood blessing. Then we did a few verifications on Rua Nossa Senhora Aparecida. We taught Josenilton and Andreza and their mom about the Book of Mormon. Somthing really cool happened when we arrived. Upon arriving, we found everyone had their Books of Mormon opened up and had been reading! i was surprised and delighted by this and even more when Andreza said she has enjoyed it so far and recounted a few parts/stories. We set a goal/baptismal date and everyone accepted! only josenilton was a little skeptical. I really like teaching them. I´ll be sad if i have to leave them if i get transferred. We also stopped at Beatriz´s house and talked a little and set a date to teach, then i gave a prayer. After my prayer, Elder Andrade asked her if she understood my prayer and she responded saying,´´No i but just stared at his lips and understood a little bit.´´ She was staring at me during the whole prayer, and it was a little more awkward considering what she said to me yesterday.
    Today we filled out relatórios de progresso, during weekly planning. We had lunch with Joaquim and Ramile marked for 1:00 pm. and showed up on time, but didnt eat until 3:00! that was a little setback to our plans and even more when the youth we had marked with for divisions didnt show up. We waited and waited for almost an house and they didnt show up. We didnt end up doing divisions liked we hoped. Instead we did a few verifications and found a few families. We also stopped at a Gloria´s house and Shu Shu cooked us Farofa de Ovo, cebola, and arroz. This Sunday will be Stake Conference in Itabuna and we are hoping Carlos will be able to go. Only three more days until transfers and elder andrade and i are getting a little jittery about it. We dont know what´s going to happen.
    Lunch fell through but Jamile invited us to have lunch with her family. It turned out to be really convenient because we needed to go to the centro to help out the sisters in their work in the centro, and Jamile´s dad was headed to the centro afterwards too, so we were able to catch a ride with him. We helped the sister make novos for an hour. We made 6 new investigators for the sisters in just under an hour, and we also found two people that live in our area. It was a long cram-packed ônibus ride back home, and we stopped before Avenida Lotus to stop at Daniel´s house, but he wasnt home. Then we taught Josenilton and andreza, and their mom, The Gospel of Jesus Christ and Andreza prayed for the first time. She took a while to start and showed lots of bashfullness but she did it.
    We walked super long to the bairro where Jó lives in Nossa Senhora da Vitória. We taught her and her mom The Gospel of Jesus Christ, then descended down to Carlos´ house. Carlos´ mom bought us cake and guaraná again and Carlos´ dad showed up just as we were leaving. Tomorrow is Stake Conference!
   we woke up early at 5:45 to catch a ônibus to the centro at 7:00 then one more ônibus to Itabuna (a city about 45 minute drive). Stake conference was awesome and i actually felt like i understood a good 90 % of the portuguese that was being spoken. it was packed too! Tons of people were there, it was a cool sight! Carlos showed up as well! President Bangerter gave a talk about the power of the Restoration. Elder Carboni (member of the 70) gave an incredible talk. in one part he had all the missionaries come up to the front and had us sing ´´Called to Serve`´ with the congregation joining in for the chorus. it was really powerful and some missionaries were in tears by the end. After Stake Conference Pres. Bangerter informed me early that im going to be transferred to Salvador and Elder Andrade is staying in Ilheus! he didnt give me any other details and i didnt get a chance to ask. he was in a hurry. im going to SALVADOR!!!!!!!!! the CAPITAL of Bahia!!!!!!!!  its a long bus ride! like more than 7 hours, but im excited
      We had lunch with Maria da Paz in Nossa Senhora da Vitoria and afterwards we visited Carlos´ family again. Carlos´ dad let me trade for some of his money collection. he has a really big cool money collections with coins from all over the world, and he has lots of coins of olympic games in Brazil.
Then we had my last family night at Joaquim´s house.

This week i read a part of a Liahona that talked about what can the Book of Mormon teach of about happiness? it gave seven principles from only 2 chapters of Nephi´s experiences in the Book of Mormon that can teach us what it takes to be truly happy. i wont go into detail because i am short on time but the 7 principles are: 1. Aligning actions with beliefs, 2. Maintaining uplifting associations 3. Sharing what we have 4. Focusing on the Temple  5. Accomplishing hard work 6. Being a peacemaker, and 7. Belonging to a family.
   I know that these are all things that will truly bring more happiness in our lives. i know the book of mormon contains principles of happiness. these 7 principles are found in just 2 chapters of the book of mormon. What could we find in the rest of the book?
    ´´It would be wise to begin our own personal search of the Book of Mormon for even moreguidelines to a happier life. President Ezra Taft Benson promised the Saints: “The moment you begin a serious study of the Book of Mormon … you will find life in greater andgreater abundance.”9 The Lord has given us this incredible tool.We can learn to use it to bless our own lives and the lives of those we love.
  I know that these things are true and that the Book of Mormon is meant for us to learn in our day. everything in the book of mormon is meant for our learning and benefit. i like to learn from other people´s experiences in the B. of M. and let it strengthen my testimony. i invited everyone to start reading the Book of Mormon, or continue reading. it  will bless your life.

With love,

-Elder Hilton
My last family night at Joaquim's house

Saying goodbye to a recent convert

Saying goodbye to lots of friends and fellow missionaries

ônibus ride home from stake conference and saying bye to some families

Saying goodbye to Carlo's family  and the cows



on the way to the ônibus 

The following is excerpts from Mckay when he was able to email me when he arrived in Salvador.  It was a 7 hour bus ride.  He was super excited to get there and meet his new companion and see his new area.  

"we are fairly close to a ton of tourist points and the ocean, and the escritorio;where packages arrive!
we already stopped at the escritorio today!  escitorio is the mision office, where the secretaries work."

my first lunch today in Salvador was awesome! not so much the meal but the apartment! i walked in and WHAT IN THE NAME OF HOWDEEDOO!!! there was a real glossy black piano. I already love this family. unfortunately they arent in my area, but the area of the zone leader we were with. my companion is the district leader. This girl is 25 years old and study music and plays like a boss! she has tons and tons of music in her house and even knows the piano guys!  i got to play a little bit and we even played together; me right hand and her left, with my comp. recording! 

i am super pumped to meet our branch, and to go out and see things on p-days!  our area is really poor. and our branch has like 40 or less people.

mom, our house is new for missionaries living in it. this is the first transfer that missionaries lived in this house. well missionaries moved into it the last week of last transfer so its only been inhabited by missionaries for one week! it is super nice compared to other houses ive been in and other missionaries houses that ive passed in, but there is nothing really in it. we have nothing! no broom, nothing,. tomorrow we will buy lots and lots of stuff for the house. 

okay we are leaving. i will send you pics of the house then we have to go
it was nice talking with yáll for a litle bit! i miss you! i will have a good week! i love you guys! have a great thanksgiving!!!

Walking to our lunch in SALVADOR! 

There are tons of steep hills, up and down, up and down! Lots of staris and steep roads.

My new companion on the left, Elder Bastos.  He is from Sao Paulo

Salvador is a beautiful city!!

I love my missionary nametag!

Elder BOB!!!!!!  look at his nametag!

 my first lunch appointment in Salvador!  She had a real piano and she played really good!  I was able to play it for a while!  She had tons of music!  What a blast!

Pictures of my new apartment in the city!  WAAAYY nicer than my old apartment!  Hopefully their will be less bug bites and rats!

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