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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

week 50: Preparing for Baptisms!

    California, Itabuna still has lots of potential despite it being a crazy city. We have to use our faith to find the elects, because it seems as though, during this season of São João festas, everyone is too ´´distracted, busy, drunk, or whatever excuse, to give time to hear our message. we are working with our investigators who have baptismal dates to get them baptized soon. We did a verification this last week and found 3 new investigators ( irmãos)  that are wanting to learn and are very interested. Their names are Dailan, João and Ismaíne. They already have 2 older siblings that live in São Caetano and are inactive so they know a little about the church. They accepted to learn and  follow Christ by being baptized  on the 10th of June. We also have 3 other investigators (Lorena, Kauane, and Alessandro) that with faith, fasting, and prayer will be baptized on the 10th.

   My companion and I are doing well together. I liked what President Bangerter told me about elder Thevenin and I.
 He compared of us to Nephi. He said, ´´ May you and Elder Thevenin - be able to do the very practical things necessary - that Nephi did - make tools, pray, get up, think and ponder, cut wood, make a bow, hike the trail - aim, shoot, kill, carry food back. It was a lot of work - that required diligence. After the trial of his faith - he received his more sure witness. So it must be. Elder Thevenin needs to do all those things too. He has yet much to learn and you should teach him - must teach him. ´´

   Elder Thevenin and I need to do all those things that Nephi did. We both must learn to work as hard as Nephi worked. We need to be even more diligent and obedient to see even more miracles. Elder Thevenin yet has much to learn and I should teach him - I must teach him.  I hope I can be the best example possible for Elder Thevenin these last two weeks of this transfer. I am definitely not perfect, but if I try my best, it is enough in the Lord´s vision.

killing some time waiting for the sister missionaries for district meeting

  I know that this is Jesus Christ´s church that he established.  He is the head and leader of all of us. I hope i can learn more about him everyday. I know that through studying the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and the words of the prophets, I will better understand Christ´s role in my daily life.
My testimony of the Book of Mormon is constantly growing. I learned something that motivated me to study it more and learn from its stories and principles.
In D&C 84 the Lord said that if we do not know and use the Book of Mormon we will be condemned! He said it is vanity and disbelief that can cause people ,including missionaries, not to use the Book of Mormon in their lives and teaching. He said unbelief will darken the mind. (D & C 84: -58)
In order to draw us from the risk of condemnation, the Lord said that we should produce WORTHY FRUITS OF THE KINGDOM ... OF THE FATHER. These fruits includes reading, knowing, using, and presenting the Book of Mormon! I have realized that there is no shame to be found in sharing the Restored Gospel and the Book of Mormon with others. It is what brings real happiness in our lives and in the lives of others. I hope that we all may do the same, and see the promised blessings of Heavenly Father flow into our lives.

-Elder Hilton

papagalho (parakeet) my new friend

The well I fell into.  Ouch!!!  I stepped forward to give a lady a book of mormon and I stepped into the well.  I went all the way in until my back stopped me.  

these guys from the other Ward always buy ice cream for us when a new elder arrives. It took 4 weeks after but we still got ice cream
accompanying our friends with their work (Anderson & Robson)

fixing the bathroom

teaching a recent convert in her humble home

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  1. We hope you are doing Okay after falling into that well while giving out a Book of Mormon. Thanks for your testimony of it and for sharing it even under difficult circumstances. We love seeing your new friends including papalgaho.Your fun personality is still shining right through the photos.:>